Friday, April 22, 2005

Where's happiness

Happiness is most obtained by two kinds of people: Those who have everything and Those who have nothing. Those who have something and are caught between the two worlds and stretching themselves to reach upwards do not enjoy at all. They are the ones laden by desires and the troubles caused by that.

So if you want happiness which among the two kinds of people would you choose to be? Having everything is not the best option. Because you can never cease to have everything. Some thing or the other is always being *invented* by the comfort industry and we keep yearning for that. Its difficult to remain at this high. The second option is the tougher and more spiritual path. Even for the haters of spirituality, this is indeed a practically proven point. Freeing yourself from desires seems really relieving and you can discover your freedom once again.

To follow the un-burdening path, heres an easy method. Make yourself un-yearn for or make yourself indifferent towards something that you previously used to crave for. That way, soon you will find yourself a braver and whole new person able to take on an situation in the world! What more, you will realize freedom and the contentment it brings. A lot of power can be realized when we know we don't need many things around us. We can easily feel this power in our minds. Just follow the steps above and slowly you'll realize how much more you are in control of yourself!

Now pardon me if I sound like a preacher :)