Friday, April 08, 2005

Learning to groove.

So hi folks,

A brand new day, a brand new time back at office. Just slumped into my
office and after my daily dose of mails, I was waiting to getting
started with my blog. But colleagues started slowly trickling in. Can't
let them know I'm wasting office bandwidth with personal stuff -
ssh..quiet ;)

Well, let me let it out - I really don't know how I should start
blogging! How should I set the tone..So while I figure that out, here's a poem that I have written.

A Tender Leaf Should Know

Tender leaves are stroking me soft
at my rugged skin in place
getting torn - I see them fall
how many more to go by my face!

I walk a distance and I see a lone leaf
soft and tender awaiting to caress me more
but I should stop for a while and think of my face
it shouldn't be smoothened by taking a toll..
of a soft and tender leaf anymore.
I'd rather step aside and say goodbye
to the lone leaf that I passed by..

I have learnt to carry my scars by now, it should know
Why soften it again when it ain't a burden, no more
One tender leaf that I passed by should know
many more like me would follow!

One tender leaf I have hurt by now
By not accepting its open arms..

Tender leaf, oh you do not know
how delicate it is - the vine that you cling on
It is difficult for me to brush you by,
by not making you flutter - and you may slip by..
clinging onto me i may take u along
but not long until you realize
the vine that supported you is now no more!
you would try and resist me now -
the face you once felt you could touch!
Then you'd want and leave me by..
as yet another scar on my face!!

Tender leaves, I plead you now
to know well, the vine you are on
Decide how strong you need to be
to wash off the scars of the soldier who passes you by
for he knows the warfront well..
to realize how tender a leaf can get!
Your touch would knead a miracle or two
to the feeble one who can't uproot you!

Else you must let more vitality flow
to know the world as the soldier knows
for when he takes a decision, he well knows
the dire consequences it could take
But for his motherland he still stands up
cos if he wins, a whole land wins..
'tis for this danger that he gambles
and a tender leaf would still not know!

A tender leaf I passed by should know...

My inspiration for this poem:

"To the heavily scarred soldier, a tender leaf is too beautiful,
out in the woods. Its a heavy contrast. But opposites attract!
The tender leaf feels over sympathetic seeing the dedicated,
war-lorn soldier, and makes up her childish mind that she would
outright strive to touch him - deep to his heart. But the leaf
doesn't realize that to the soldier, it is not needed. Also, the
leaf ain't meant for that. It will loose its roots on which it
is held upon. But if either of them succumbs to the emotion, the
consequences are as said in the poem..

So the advice here would be to understand what is love and the
play of emotions that lead a person into believing he/she is in
love. Many people succumb to the emotion. But few realize the
impact of the circumstance they got in. Love is not a game. Its
thrilling to want to be in love. But once in, getting out would
be too painful. And most end-up that way, because they leave
their minds to their thoughts, unmindful of their footing on
which they stand. The rest need not be explained."

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