Monday, April 11, 2005

Desire - the sin in me

This is a completely unedited version of some thoughts randomly put on paper and published here, much to retain the flow.

One day we will all grow old,
any day we may loose all that we have
all that would be left to ourselves is our own self.
So don't let loose your emotions and do whatever pleases you now,
for tomorrow when all that is gone, you may feel the loss
Best - don't desire too many.
Its not your right - what you wish may not be what you get
and thats what happens mostly and it brings along with it a lot of grief
Emotions definitively have grief and sadness involved,
which overshadows the happiness or pleasure you may once experience
desire is a killer that never stops
it spreads in many forms like a virus, in your mind
following it will be a never ending process
all that you will see no sooner would be that it was a futile journey.
Be happy with yourself and what you are
never put a thought on obtaining what is alien to your body
if it comes to you, make use of it
otherwise, let it go - it wasn't meant for you
you can't blame God for that, because desire arises in our mind
God hasn't promised anyone anything.
So why question him when he takes something away?
all he has given to us is this body, mind and soul
we need to be happy with what we have got.
if someone is paralytic, he needs to be happy the way he is, cos thats what he has got.
we won't loose anything if we haven't got anything.
we need to enjoy only all that we are,
at this current frame of time - unattached to anything extra surrounding us,
not oblivious of the fact that we may loose everything with us now except ourselves,
and also that we may not desire for anything else however subtle they may seem.
In essence, be a karmayogi - do labor and have no desire for its fruits.

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