Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Honestly funny, but not in India!

While in the US, one of my favourite T.V shows was America's Funniest Home Videos or AFV. Why was it funny? The audience weren't a sadistic lot to see others plights in vengeful humour. It was funny because it brought to light in a very funny way the nuances of daily life. It created a sense of empathy and we quickly connected with the people in the videos. It made us take a look at our own life and take time to laugh at ourselves. It did wonders to a quarrelling household, for instance :) And hence, it improved a nation's lives.

So why isn't anything like AFV still not popular in India? AFV as such isnt aired here, but great substitutes are available on AXN and other channels. To be fair, there are some goof shows on many local channels. But they are all the same, painfully - they all capture the host(s) putting other people in wierd situations and the camera crew secretively capturing it on tape to play it to the delight of the sarcastic viewers (if any).

Again, why isn't an honest show like AFV not popular in India? In my view its one of the subtle things that can improve an otherwise quarelling and greedy society. I suspect, in our daily lives of dealing with the corruption and pollution (of all sorts), we find it hard to suddenly put ourselves to some honestly good stuff. For we have to be impure to surivive in an impure place. Corruption breeds corruption. Anger breeds anger. Everybody is involuntarily now busy getting suspicious of everybody else and thinking about riches they once will make. But the subtle riches of laughing together is lost in this moment. Thanks to the society.

Honestly, how many of us are loving each day, anywhere in India? The clean air, the green pastures, the friendly neighbours - well, really? Not in India. Maybe in a few corners tucked away, for brief spurts of time.

Wake up India!! This isn't how it is in other places. And we vehemently claim to be a quickly advancing nation, proud of all its values and culture? "I love India" they say - well, I do not; even though deep down I have an attachment to this country due to my roots and childhood experiences. Money or material wealth might have increased here. But that cannot be a substitute for clean crisp air, friendly society or the cheap thrills as clean places to enjoy a hike or bike with friends. Fight for the right to an honest life..however close!

Thank You!

Of late, many of my friends have been saying they like what they see on this blog and have encouraged me to write. Thank you so much for your words and encouragement! Infact, any honest comment would be an equally good morale booster.

My aim is not just to state my feelings for the sake of it but to try and put it to good use too to (hopefully) have a positive impact on the way things are. So thank you so much for visiting and please do feel free to comment on anything you would like to discuss. Thanks again and peace to all :)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Multitasking @ work

Most of the employers nowadays seek employees with the ability of multitasking. Be it in the IT field or elsewhere. However, I have come to realize that nobody can have a customized set of skills as demanded by certain employers with blind expectations.

By observing a variety of people during my two and a half years of work experience, I've realized that those who can mulititask are better at technical concepts but poor at attention to detail, usability and aesthetics. On the other hand, those who have high creativity, sense of perfection and high involvement into their job are generally poor multitaskers. But the blind trend now seen shifts the scale towards recruiting only people with mulititasking ability. They are loosing out on the fine pool of resources who can lay that final touch that altogether elevates the appeal of a finished product making it really appealing to the customer. Be it in a software company or a florist's.