Friday, August 18, 2006

Multitasking @ work

Most of the employers nowadays seek employees with the ability of multitasking. Be it in the IT field or elsewhere. However, I have come to realize that nobody can have a customized set of skills as demanded by certain employers with blind expectations.

By observing a variety of people during my two and a half years of work experience, I've realized that those who can mulititask are better at technical concepts but poor at attention to detail, usability and aesthetics. On the other hand, those who have high creativity, sense of perfection and high involvement into their job are generally poor multitaskers. But the blind trend now seen shifts the scale towards recruiting only people with mulititasking ability. They are loosing out on the fine pool of resources who can lay that final touch that altogether elevates the appeal of a finished product making it really appealing to the customer. Be it in a software company or a florist's.

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KCA said...

You' r right. I also clonclued on this opinion:
Scrupulous=poor in creativity, or no iniative taken when the need of decision comes.

Creative=never go trough the details. Sometimes messy.

But these 2 kind of people are complement to each other, and for sure you cannot go futher by balance all these 2 side.