Monday, April 23, 2007

Changing India every small way..

My friend and I were having a discussion about the changing India, the other day. People have so much money and along with it came more greed and desire..and the bottom-line that very few people sacrifice a significant amount of their effort doing something for the nation.

I am happy to note that my father contributes in a very noble way to improve India. He runs a charity school in our home town in Kerala for 300 kids of the poorest people of our society - the coolies, autorickshaw drivers, plumbers, and the unemployed. Needless to say, most of the kids study there for free.

My mother works there as a teacher too. They get a pittance of a salary - about Rs 3000 a month (about USD 45)! While I work in the big metro cities of India and US among other yuppies with glittered dreams, they do not care about any returns and a glossy life anymore.

I feel really proud of my parents courage. Even though they have atleast a decade of service left between them, they have chosen this path for the rest of their lives. I too contribute but only by sponsoring a couple of kids' education (which comes around to only Rs5000 per kid for a year!)

Definitely, my parents are contributing in the noblest way they can in improving the society!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stop the bloody war !

More than 100 people die daily in Iraq since the US invasion. Soon a country could be wiped out.

How brutal!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Stealing satellites? You got to be kidding!

Heck, I never knew one could 'hack' or 'steal' a satellite till I saw this article on slash.

From computers to satellites! And its also speculated Al-Qaida groups could be doing the same as well. Huh!!

On an afterthought - wonder if Intelsat is running on Windows? :)

What to do over the weekend a ubiquitous question popping up every Friday. Saturday I'll be checking out different homes in the city and probably finalizing on a good deal for a shared apartment close to Philly downtown. So far I've got leads and all from really different kinds of people!

Sunday is going to be very rainy and I might as well end up gaming or so.

..and all that said, the death count in Philly still continues to increase at a record pace. Should I just modify my search for a coffin to rent instead?! (dark humor regretted)

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Currently sitting in a Philly office and wondering how to lead a team in a project I know nothing of!