Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Where is the 'I'?

Our physical structure is hereditary. Yeah, true. What about our mental stuff? Our mind? The way the neurons connect between our brain cells to create thought?? That's hereditary too, isn't it?

To us, our deepest conscious self is our mind and our thoughts.

If this is not the real us, then what is the eternal 'soul' that we are, that has no birth or death?

How do we perceive our undying soul? Perhaps, is this 'spirit' referring to the life force? The force that keeps us breathing and our heart beating?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Which Micro$oft Vista to Buy?

Confused choosing between
  • Windows Vista Starter,
  • Windows Vista Home Basic,
  • Windows Vista Home Premium,
  • Windows Vista Business,
  • Windows Vista Enterprise, and
  • Windows Vista Ultimate?

Consider the following links to help you choose:

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Racism above Casteism & Untouchability?

There's no other country like India in the world, to have so many castes, sub-castes and sects. Our famed culture also had untouchables class. The top class treated the lowest like animals. Inter-caste married couples were burnt! Mingling with people of lower castes were shunned.

Even today, we divide the country through the reservation raj and the quotas.

Yet we made such a row over actress Shilpa Shetty being racially abused?!