Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Google new home page (A/B testing I think)

I happened to hit a Google A/B testing page from UK today.

They seem to be loading just the Google logo and the search bar first. Then once you move your mouse onto the page, the top header and footers appear. Some javascript funkiness to a simple page. ~Why?

Also if you notice, the "Search" and "I'm feeling lucky" buttons have disappeared.

The live search suggestions work from the search bar still.

I'm feeling this may be one of the new Google home pages we may be seeing in the near future.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Changing the scenario of global development: The great economic crisis of modern times

Will the current economic crisis just be a short circuit for the current development trends of the world, and will the same technologies and advancements continue in hoping for a quick recovery? I don't think so.

Economic trends of money generation and consumer satisfaction are based on unforeseen habits that can quickly catch up. Like in art and architecture, they are parts of the current age. They are born, live a span of life (based on various acceptance and factors of chance) and also face death. I am analysing the impending of the current Information Technology age advancements in niche areas. True, the Internet was a revolutionary invention. People are so dependent on it. But not all its seedlings are going to be properly nourished or going to have a market in the future. The economic crisis has forced us to look inwards on the basic needs of life and sustenance.

Humanity is going to reinvent its business-space. Looking inwards, we are going to realize the basic necessities of sustenance in Food, agriculture, and its related areas. People will be less concerned about technology except for the most widely used areas (like e-commerce). The basis of business is going to be reshaped. Organic farming is going to be the most popular choice. Service based industries will pop up their heads but will be difficult to survive for long as customers are less cash-rich.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Non iodized salt in Kerala

For Thyroid Cancer patients undergoing a Low Iodine Diet (LID), finding non-iodized salt in some regions of India, especially Kerala can be a pain. The Kerala government has imposed a state-wide ban on selling non-iodized salt.

Those who require non-iodized salt can buy "induppu" from any ration shop or place where you buy whole sale dals, grams, rice etc. If you do not get induppu, crystal salt can also be bought. This does not contain iodine as well.