Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ain't that intelligent

The problem is -
i am not that intelligent :-(
however hard i try, i know i dont have that knack
that the intelligentsia have.
my brain formation is such.
I am more inclined to anthopology, history, philosophy and anything related to mysteries.
Thats how i am made.
i dont feel ashamed, rather i feel proud of my qualities.
But the scary thing is i have graduated in engineering and doing an engineering job!
My future seems either to be in engineering or in management.
I have low aptitude for engineering and dislike math to do management.
(I could still opt for HR though, which i am still contemplating)
My first love would be to work on the mysteries of life,
or entertaining people or related to any of my skills mentioned above.
If any of you can find a suitable break for me like that,
Please give me a call!

Sounds more like an easy-go resume rite?! Well, yeah so be it, i anyway loathe all the major formalities in life :-)

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