Thursday, April 07, 2005

Welcome to a spice of my life - My First Blog!

Hello !

I really appreciate you being here and taking time out to read around. No introduction about me now. Am located in India and am a software developer.

Holy cow, this is interesting, you know..blogging has always fascinated me, but I never got to blog in my life. I have really good writing skills and I promise you, your stay here will be great and superb in the times to come. Let me just start sharing my experiences with you and from your comments we'll see how to make this a better place!

Ahoy, bye for now. Cos, when I finally got to start blogging, I got pulled at office....will start with my thought renditions for your perusal and thought initiation soon...


1 comment:

Girish said...

umm, its the author himself...just getting to know how this would work...anyways, great blog ;)