Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Some truths uncovered

From my recent experiences so close and touching life, I've experienced some well heard of truths.

* There is an extraordinary amount of energy and capability hidden amongst us. To me this revelation came at a time of need and it surprised me how much different I can be from my lazy, less powerful self that I thought was.

* When in need, God does give power to the one who deplores him for it.

* How much ever circumstances change you, its an illusion; you are the same unchanging soul throughout. Its your body and sensory perceptions that change and hit highs and lows. Realizing this brings considerable amount of confidence even in the most trying situations.

* Angst, pain, happiness and pleasure are all sensory perceptions of this illusory world and is like a bubble waiting to burst. This also suggests that you can use mind control to save yourself from any of these feelings, although its a difficult task.

God Bless, people!
p.s: I know I haven't put the experiences in the right words. Hopefully when I am in the position to realize and to write at the same time, I shall put them better!


Anonymous said...

I wonder what that circumstance was..

Girish said...

Experiences of pain and struggle to overcome it during man's eternal quest for the real purpose of life.