Monday, January 23, 2006


One is often asked who is their idol. While this keeps changing for me, for long during my childhood it was Swami Vivekananda.

Of late I have been thinking more and as it progresses, I seem to have developed a deep respect for Socrates. Something compels me to answer him as my idol at this point of time. It maybe how he took philosophy to new heights, constantly improving it and making use of his intellect. He strived to conquer ill-thgoughts using his rationale and of-course, the very philosophical manner in which he accepted his death! I dunno, there's a lot of respect I have for that man!

Needless to say, its not a tug-of-war between two great thought leaders who changed the world :-) Its just that certain ideas seem to influence my little mind more that what I have already perceived, this thanks to Socrates.

Maybe I will learn more. Maybe I will one-day be able to assimilate all that I've gathered for the betterment of the people. Maybe. Hope so!

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