Thursday, October 04, 2007


8-10 years have passed by since I left my best friends at school. Suddenly BOOM they reappear on Orkut, with a pic in place for their profile. From weird parts of the world, doing something you never thought they'd. Some totally changed, some the same.

But the biggest of changes so far were to see all the still-so-young-and-childish-in-memory girls holding a couple of grown up kids and some new dudes by their side. I secretly naughtily cant help thinking - how on earth did they get there :) Few more years and I'd be seeing the guys from school holding their kids and secretly showing off their wives..ah and then I'd be thinking..lucky guy - he got that damsel, and oh poor him, how on earth did he fall for her..and so on. Sigh, now poking fun seems to be taken seriously all the more!

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