Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October updates...

October has been a nasty month for me so far.

Week 1: I injure my ankle bad enough that I had to take a day off of work

Week 2: I get involved in a car accident. Not hurt, car needs repairs.

Week 3: It hurts to even talk about it: I dislocate my left knee. Here's the scoop:

I was kicking around with a soccer ball and I suddenly felt something in my left knee and I take a fall. I look and find to my utter disbelief that my knee is dislocated. I mildly tried to press it to put it back in and it luckily did. I lied in some pain for some time and then I got up and try walking. Though it hurt too bad, I was able to walk ok. I couldn't bend my knee backwards too much since I felt something locking. I have no idea what the problem is.

I rested for a few hours, and the knee got swollen. I then went to the ER of Bryn Mawr hospital (many, many thanks to Lana for being with me from then and also helping me out finding the best available treatment!). A couple of quick jokes with the triage nurse and I was soon X-Rayed. No visible bone damage. I got immobilized with splints and was given crutches. Oh boy. I was then referred to an Ortho and spent my time trying to get an appointment with an available Ortho.

I got the earliest appointment on Tuesday - Oct 16th. Till then, I had to pass 4 days in bed, immobilized. I used this time to find the agonizing truths about knee dislocations. I hate to even talk about it.

On Tuesday, I took a long cab ride all the way to Devon to see the Ortho. As expected, he asked me to get an MRI. He said his gut feeling was that I have a Patellar (knee cap) Dislocation and a torn cartilage. Anyway, I was sent back to get an MRI and to then report back.

I am currently trying to schedule an MRI. The center the hospital suggested has no openings until next Monday. That would mean another 5 days of wait. A friend of mine suggested a closer option, and I have scheduled for the MRI there, this afternoon. See you after that!

[update] Scanning complete & back. Report will be sent to the Dr. tomorrow. I also got an appointment with the Ortho Dr. for Friday, Oct 19th.

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