Saturday, November 11, 2006


I just completed a demanding two month long software project and learnt a few things from it. I guess sharing this would make others' lives easier in the future. The important things of a successful project from a core developer's perspective are:

1. Good code - important
2. Code review - very important
3. Letting your manager know on time that the deadline can't be met with the given resources - priceless!

hehehe. Well now that its completed, I can joke around, but the past two months have been close to hell. I was eating, dreaming and sleeping code. My bp rose, got angry for no reason and didn't bother about food. Its insane! But getting everything working with a team and new environment needs time is not all that goes the life of a software dud..


Aslan said...

u still there in CA or back?

Anonymous said...

You'd never believe how often projects get delayed ;)


Girish said...

aslan; am in ca
K: yeah man tell me about it!