Thursday, September 14, 2006

Journey of Life

With much pains I tried to create a rhyming poem. Much of the lines & words had to be painfully contorted to keep the original meaning intact. Whew, poetry is tough!

We are all born blind with open eyes
To the truth at first no one finds
Then there occurs at some point a strike -
A ray of light from the inside
Not any lightning is ever so bright
Than this calming, soothing light
A light so divine that makes you realize
'Tis not in the oceans, hills or skies
But in the depths of our own heart lies
The light of joy that is truthfully right
No more illusions of daily life
Can block your vision to cause you plight
In keeping this light is one's true might
That guides you through to Moksha's heights!


iblog said...

nice one... Since when did you turn to poetry or were you always ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hoping more lines to pour ... :)