Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A sunny lunch

The climate in California is pretty good now compared to the rest of America (atleast its not snowing and chilly)!

This afternoon we had a pretty good lunch outdoors at the Pacific Shores office. Till yesterday evening it was damn cold to go out, but todays lunch made us feel we could sit out all day there enjoying the sun. Its also the time of the year when cherry blossoms bloom in this part of the world (sad I didn't get my camera today, but if I will soon, I'll out those pictures here).

By the way, did I mention my lunch cost $7? It was like this - I entered a self-service area (where almost everything looks relishing) and you pay by the weight of food that you take. I took a little extra and damn, the weight in my stomach reminds me of my today's expense (gulp) :-) This may prompt me to bring my lunch from tomorrow (if I can stand the catching sight of all that good food in the food-court)!


iblog said...

When did you arrive in California ?? :) I guess I have to read your blog in more detail..... I had no idea you were in America.

Girish said...

I am here on just a month long project :) Yeah, I came here on a short notice that I couldnt let others know too.

Mithra said...

$7 is cool by Boston standards, unless you are talking Taco Bell.

$12 - $15 is the average indian Buffet here;

Girish said...

hmm..I realized that. Too bad its difficult to get good cheap desi stuff here :)