Thursday, February 09, 2006

Large company vs. Small company - working for each

Well, I have to say that there is a large amount of difference working for a large company compared to working for a small company. I have essentially spent a year and a half with a large company (25000+ employees) and am currenty visiting and working for a smaller company(30+ employees), as our client.

Well, as a newbee to work, one would think your immediate surroundings and colleagues are all that matter to you. But your colleagues themselves are part of the organisation and they act and react as per the environment too. Ultimately, its a world of a difference.

In a nutshell, its like studying in a small village school run by your own uncles or someone like that [working for a small company] compared to
studying in a prestigiously run convent school with lot of rules [the larger company]. Both schools have principals (and also principles), but the way they hit you are different :)

Processes are well implemented in the larger company and due to that all the paths are firmly laid - you just have to follow the advice of your seniors to know how to advance.
With regard to the smaller company, its a silent tug-of-war that happens due to certain hapless situations too.

Well, this immature rambling here is primeval and I intend to make sense out of it later, but this is nevertheless a good placeholder. Am interested to know what others think about this too.


Hiren Shah said...

Very engrossing topic. In a large company you spend a lot time knowing everything about something but in a small company you have a good chance to do vice-versa. Either you are a big fish in a small pond or the other way around. Its like being a chief minister of a state or a union cabinet minister at the centre.

Hiren Shah said...

By the way, since your blog name is "A brewing cup of thoughts", I should let you know that mine is "stray thoughts"(if you are interested) and they would be in the link on this post although both have the same diaplay names

Girish said...

Thank you. And nice analogy about the CM and union cabinet minister - I quite enjoyed it :-) I am just wanting to race out and find out which one will suit me more, so that I can find my place in this ocean!
Help me out more if you know more with your experience :)

Zer0 said...

hmmm.. are you in the U.S., now?