Sunday, November 06, 2011

Its all a dream they say

In my dream I conjure up characters, including myself. I am very real in the duration of my dream. I do things, I see other people. I feel emotions. Sometimes I also see myself from above doing different things, often connected to me past interactions with people. And then I wake up. All the characters and myself disappear away and I am back to my present self. It was all a dream, they say.

Where did all those characters go? The events in the dream seemed real, even though the colours were not as vibrant and vivid as the non-dream state. We have always pondered about what happens to the soul after death. Life is energy, so it has to transform from one form to another?

I believe the answer to the question of where one 'goes' after death is also similar to what happens to the characters of a dream on waking up.

Hinduism suggests the whole world is Maya (an illusion). Do illusions change form? What if we do not involve the perceptor?

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