Friday, October 22, 2010

Are we doing enough, or are we sinners?

In the colonial era, my countrymen, Indians, with our peaceful ideology and treating-guests-like-kings mentality eventually got overpowered by the mighty British forces who had been thinking of and investing in arms and destruction years before.

In fact, the British powered over so many other peaceful regions and these innocent people paid the price for.. being innocent? The British in this case can of course be seen as barbarous and used their technological advantage to power over other (weaker) human beings. Nothing too different from Hitler and others who abused powers and got blinded by greed, possession and sense of omnipotence.

Question is: why did the peace-loving, God loving people have to pay the price for not having destructive weapons? They did not waste time polluting their minds thinking about exploitation, murder, destruction and such evil thoughts. Was it their fault that they were abiding by God's teachings?

I could not come up with a good answer to this easily. After pondering for quite a while, the most reasonable explanation I could come up was:

'The good' & the 'innocent' did not do enough to take over the world and spread their goodness. Evil took over the world quite easily. Why? Because the good was dormant. They perhaps did not do enough and did not think for other people in other lands so as to spread the wealth of their knowledge and values to other cultures. It is the duty of every 'good' person to spread the message about their ideologies. If they think its not worth spreading, then they probably are vagabonds without a purpose in life and in doing so, are committing a sin.

So it all boils down to each one of us. Are we doing enough to spread our message of our view of the world? Are we doing enough to share our thoughts and beliefs in the hope that it will help humanity? What are we doing for mankind? Are we doing enough?

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