Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Imax experience and a police street chase

Leowes theatre has inexplicable Imax experience. Due to this, I watched two movies on Saturday there. V for Vendetta and Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.

First for Ice Age 2. The story line was pretty drab I thought. Atleast for the 17 and above group, quite unlike its prequel which had all of my friends and me rotfl. The animation, I admit was marvellous. The depth of detail into the scenes were good. You could see each strand of hair on the mammoth's body animated. Now that was amazing computer rendering and would love to know how they did it and whether it was open source technology to the rescue again!

V for Vendetta. On the Imax the action was superb and it actually felt like I was there in each of the locations. The dialogue rendition by V, the hero is superb and all the actors do good acting. Set in the near future and based on the wars raging now, it also mixes some thoughtful 'ideas' from 500 years ago. No spoilers here.

Ah, now to the police street chase. My first full blown police chase on the streets of Sfo. Hence this hubbub about it in this blog. Twas very much like in the movies. Somebody had robbed a bank and sped away in a Cadillac. The sirens through the streets soon echoed the arrival of the high-speed police cars. 2, 5, 10 I counted about 15 of them go past where I stood at a crossing. Perplexed but excited, I kept walking and soon came by another junction where a few police cars had stopped and were questioning a witness. Apparently they had lost track of the theive's car!

The passion and committment of the police to spring into action are praiseworthy. Much unlike the squanderings of a typical Indian Police Dept. But this chase reminded me of my wild school days where we used to play police and robber and the excitement with which we played it, and this tickled a small laugh in my mind seeing. Difficult to judge if it was real or an act, I left the scene.


clash said...

Police chase.. Kewl man.. i think u r one of those luckiest!

Raj said...

Some nice real life action eh? Where are you by the way?

iblog said...

:) That was interesting ... I actually thought from the title that it would be you who was getting chased ;)