Friday, April 14, 2006

Of reincarnations

Did you know..
To the Hindu, time and space are multidimensional. According to a Hindu classic called the Yoga Vasishtha, your next incarnation, or your last incarnation for that matter, may be happening right now. Your next life may actually occur in the past! This is because your innermost spirit exists outside of time and space, and can travel to wherever and to whenever it wants.
Now whatever that means, it sure is going to change a lot of perceptions for me!!


Anonymous said...

next life may actually occur in the past!

We never take this factor in consideration... Maybe because the human being is too optimistic or maybe because people wish to be immortal.

clash said...

Sounds confusing :)-

Girish said...

Kca, you may be right!

Clash, yes it is, to me too :)