Friday, March 03, 2006

Evolutionary Collectivism

Here's something I scribbled as a reaction to, well something! 'Twas in my email drafts for a long time.

My idea of evolutionary collectivism

I see the present world filled with madness. All energies wasted on materialistic
and unyielding activities totally unproductive to the development of freedom and
eternal happiness. Those deeds that are so entwined with self praise, pleasures
and self empathy that feeds itself to glorify its presence as a necessity and a fashion.

While the unattended truth lurches in the dark corners of the background awaiting
the right soul kind enough to lend it a hand and show it some light. People have to
reinvent themselves..there's no other go. They have to seek out the real nature
in them to collectively produce ever-shining light, if we have to have lasting peace
and dignity in the society.

Everybody collectively - the media, the schools, the employers, the government -
should understand the consequences of proceeding like the present and the huge
pit we are digging ourselves beneath us unknowingly. One day its certain the
ground will give way and we will all fall into this pit we created ourselves.
We have to hold back.

Resist the quarrying into human values, search for the holistic pursuits and
feed the pure thoughts to cover up the nation of muck we have dug up.

Guess it was some bad day :)


Zero said...

hmmm.. quite ununderstandable for a poor soul.
My 2 cents, though:
Is eternal happiness (or eternity of any kind, for that matter?) achievable? I don't think so.
More importantly, no static entity interests living beings. "Eternal happiness" will be boring. A reason (by the theory of evolution) perhaps why we never got that thing.

P.S.:- I am having a bad day too :).

Girish said...

zero: hmm..I agree and disagree.

I don't think anyone would be unhappy/bored/tired of being happy, because that would mean he was not 'happy' in the first place, by the very definition of happiness. What say?

If eternal happiness requires change or even means just 'change', then its a part of the definition..whatever that keeps a person happy.

Now here's a point (slight modification of yours), that I agree with:

Nobody will know happiness, unless he knows sadness and can compare the two. (Afterall, both the phenomena are relative). So considering human nature, he will 'forget' what was happiness if he hasn't experienced sadness sometime back. So for eternal happiness, eternal sadness is just as required for its mainstay. So sadness and happiness are complimentary and cannot live without the other. Btw, just remembered - this is what Socrates told too: 'Sadness and Happiness are two sides of the same coin'. You can't have one without the other.

Although this means that you will soon be happy (because you had a bad day today), it should either be that humans accept sadness and happiness as a part of life or be affected by neither.

Now the latter isn't impossible, as our sages say. It is to live detached from material objects; a life without desire. Boy, ain't that tough. You can't desire desirelesness! It just has to happen! Maybe we can take this topic next, lol!

p.s: I just realized I'm using the term 'happy' too much to person who would be dreaming of the next 'happy' hour. Cheers :D

iblog said...

If its all in the mind and al a matter of perception, then shouldn't perceiving the "bad day" differently change the state of sadness ?
p.s: this unintelligible sentence is only for the sake of argument and the author does not claim that it is practically applicable.

Zero said...

perceiving the "bad day" differently
That's where I come in. Many a time, I actually find it funny (and I even LOL ;)) when I have a bad day; I mean, by trying to see where my bad day fits in, as part of the "great web".
it is kinda practically applicable if you are pretty close to a nutcase, which I am.